I am an American loving single male living in the north east. I grew up in a wonderful America. An America where I didn’t have to think about “the government” everyday. I just worried about growing up, going to school, doing the right things, being honest, getting a job, working hard, trying to have a career, having a family and some kids – you know, the whole “American dream”.

It is this “American dream” that our brave soldiers fought for and and protected. It is for this “American dream” that America lost up to one million brave, young lives on the battlefield.

Our politicians and the American people sent these brave souls into combat for the reason of protecting our American way of life – protecting our economic freedom and form of Capitalism that allows the free markets to dictate who is successful and who is not – it is THIS form of economy that has made America the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world.

“I Died For Freedom” is a site dedicated to all those who died for you and me and all the other free Americans.

I must begin this site because it is our current politicians, Obama and Congress, who are trashing the lives of all those who have died in our wars.

Remember, they died to protect us AGAINST the Marxism of Russia, the Fascism of Germany and the many oppressive dictators who slaughtered millions to achieve their power – they fought AGAINST these causes – they died FOR THIS PURPOSE.

But now it is Obama who is trying to force this same type of oppressive government on the American people – indirectly throwing out all the lives of those who died trying to protect our Constitution, Capitalism and the American way of life. That is what this site is ABOUT.

Thank you to all those listed on these pages.

Ken Ross

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