Dedicated to the Brave Men and Women Who Died for Our Freedoms, Capitalism and the American Way of Life.

This is a listing of all of the BRAVE men and women who died for our freedoms – your freedoms. They lost their lives in the combat AGAINST Dictators, Fascism, Marxism and Socialism – all for the freedom of the American people and a free economic society based on Capitalism.

These men and women bravely battled for our American flag and the American way of life – which is and always has been ambition, hard work, prosperity, Capitalism, opportunity, independence, family, kindness, character, patriotism, God, individualism and, of course, a limited form of government.

Our brave soldiers fought to free those that were held captive by oppressive and controlling governments. Our military fought for our freedoms  – a type of freedom that you can only find IN America. Yet we have always tried to spread this special freedom and independence around the world to those that desired it.

I say “Thank You” to all those who have died for my freedom and for giving us all the ability to live in a free America. Yet my “Thank You” is only words – it greatly saddens me to see these THOUSANDS who have died for me and my freedom. Thousands of talented, bright men and women lost at war – at the hands of people they never knew.

Yet now, it is the radical Obama and our Congress that are promoting the very same type of government and policies that our brave soldiers died trying to protect us from. How sad.

So I ask President Obama – “Are you willing to make all of these lives lost at war – all for nothing”? “Are you saying that all of those who died wasted their time and their lives”? “Do you disrespect our American history that much”? With the type of government Obama is trying to force on us – it is treasonous and he is spitting on the graves of our brave soldiers who died protecting America and all she stands for.

I say to Obama “the same freedoms that these brave men and women gave to you – you now use against them to destroy the very things that THEY died for”. As President, you must go – you are anti-American and I will NOT allow you to disrespect our lost soldiers.

Obama is trying to throw away the memory of these brave men and women who made America the greatest nation on Earth. He is saying that what you died for is no longer the way that America will be – what you fought to protect America AGAINST – is now the form of government Obama wants to have.

Obama and those in Congress should hang their heads low for what they are perpetrating on the hard working American tax payer – and rightly so. Our brave soldiers are turning over in their graves.

Forget the White House, Congress and Obama (for now) it is myself, you and the millions of others in America who shall respect and remember all those who died for our freedoms – died for the American way of life.

The sacrifices of those that have died for freedom may be disrespected and ignored by Obama and our Congress but they will NOT be ignored by the true Americans in this land.

God Bless America. God Bless our Military.

“Thank you” to the following individuals – my words of “Thanks” cannot express America’s overwhelming gratitude and indebtedness to all of you. World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraqi War, Afghanistan, Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11. Thank you and God Bless your souls.

This site is a tribute to all who died protecting our freedoms.

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